Types of Shisha Bowls

Traditionally, shisha bowls are clay bowls with holes at the bottom (Egyptian and Syrian bowls). Over the past few years new types of shisha bowls have entered the market. In total there are 9 shisha bowl types: Egyptian bowlsVortex bowlsPhunel bowlsAppleOnTop bowlInverted BowlGlinder BowlCrown BowlSyrian Bowls and Electric Bowls. Below is a short description of each bowl type and link to more information, pros and cons, prices, where to buy, how to pack and more.

1. Egyptian Bowls

Egyptian shisha bowls are clay or ceramic bowls with 4-6 holes at the bottom of the tobacco container. They are the most widely used shisha bowls

Various egyptian shisha bowls. Collection of clay and ceramic bowls
Various Egyptian shisha bowls. Clay, ceramic and silicone versions

2. Vortex bowls

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