Best Shisha Heat Management Devices (HMD) including Kaloud Lotus, AOT Provost, MIG Razor, Steamulation, Starbuzz NAR, Meduse Hotwave etc.

Charcoal holders or Heat Management Devices (HMDs) are gradually replacing aluminium foils. The charcoals are placed inside the HMD and the HMD is placed on top of the shisha bowl instead of using aluminium foil.

Heat Management Devices control the heat transfer to the shisha tobacco by opening or closing the openings at the side or at the top of the HMD. The most widely used HMDs are Kaloud Lotus and AOT Provost. Below is a list with the most known Heat Management Devices.

1. Kaloud Lotus I + Kaloud Lotus II

Kaloud Lotus is the most popular Heat Management Device. The first version of Kaloud Lotus was released in 2012. The new Kaloud Lotus II was introduced in 2019. Product Origin: USA

Image of Kaloud Lotus I and Kaloud Lotus II. One of the best hookah heat management devices

Kaloud Lotus Price: 45-60 USD
Material: Aluminum
Kaloud price on eBay: 5-15 USD
Kaloud Lotus review:

2. AOT Provost I and AOT Provost II

Provost from Apple on Top (AOT) is a simple to use and effective heat management device. AOT Provost version 1 was released in 2015 and Provost v2.0 in 2018.

Image of Apple on Top AOT Provost 1 and Provost 2. Review hookah management devices HMD

AOT Provost Price: 30 USD
Material: Stainless Steel (0.5 mm thick)
Provost Price on eBay: 8-12 USD
Apple on Top Provost video:

3. Shisha Science – Charcoal Holder

Shisha Science HMD is made from solid high-grade aluminum (6061) machined on a CNC milling center and anodized in order to increase scratch resistance and durability. The lid and the handle are made of stainless steel. Click here for 20% discount on online purchases.

Shisha Science HMD, our own heat management device

3. Phoenix HMD + Phoenix HMD V.2

Version 1 of Phoenix HMD was release in December 2017 and version v2 was released in 2018. Phoenix was one of the first HMD with no ashes going to the shisha bowl.

Image of Phoenix HMD version 1 and version 2. Review hookah management devices Phoenix HMD

Phoenix HMD Price: 60 USD
Phoenix HMD Origin: USA
Material: Aluminium
Phoenix HMD review video:

4. Steamulation HMD

Steamulation HMD is the stainless steel Heat Management System by Steamulation. Released in 2019.

Image of Steamulation HMD. Review hookah management devices Steamulation HMD from Gernany

Steamulation HMD price: 50-70 Euro
Origin: Germany, Steamulation
Material: Stainless steel
Steamulation HMD review:

5. HotWave by MEDUSE

Image of Meduse hotwave HMD price 70 euro. Heatwave hookah heat management device by Meduse.

Meduse hotwave price: 70 Euro
Origin: Czech Republic, Meduse
Material: Stainless steel, Year: 2018

6. Stratus HMD by Shishabucks

Image of Stratus HMD by shishabucks. Stratus hookah heat management device discontinue unavailable.

Stratus HMD Price: 65 Euro
Origin: Canada, Shishabucks
Year Released: version 1 (2016), version 2 (2017)
Material: Aluminium
Stratus HMD v2 review:

7. Starbuzz NAR Heat Management System

Image of Starbuzz NAR HMD. Starbuzz NAR hookah heat management device by Starbuzz

Starbuzz NAR price: 60 USD
Origin: USA, Starbuzz
Year Released: 2018
Material: Aluminium
Starbuzz NAR review:

8. Windguard 2.0 (WG2) by FUMO

Image of Windguard 2.0 (WG2) hookah heat management device by Fumo

9. MIG Razor

Image of MIG Razor hookah heat management device - MIG Razor HMD

MIG Razor price: 50-70 USD
Origin: Germany, MIG
Year Released: 2015
Material: Aluminium
Price on eBay: 5-10 USD
MIG Razor review:

10. Pyro Classic 2.0

Image of Pyro Classic hookah heat management device hoob hookah HMD

Pyro Classic 2 price is 59 USD
Origin: Russia, Hoob Hookah
Year Released: 2018
Material: Aluminium Bowl, Stainless Steel Cover Lid
Video of Pyro Claassic 2:

11. Oduman Ignis, Oduman Ignis REVO, Oduman CARBO-ONE

Image of Oduman Ignis HMD and Oduman Ignis revo hookah HMD heat management device Oduman Ignis

Origin: Turkey, Oduman Hookah
Year Released: 2016, Revo 2019
Material: Aluminium

12. TSAR Booster

TSAR Booster

13. Octopuz Placton

Octopuz Placton. Aluminium heat management systems

14. Dark Matter – HS Heat Management System

Dark Matter HMD. The HS Heat Management System from Dark Matter. Has stainless steel lid and aluminium body

14. Brohood Fireflower HMD

Brohood Fireflower HMD

15. LOMINT Heat keeper

LOMINT aluminium Hookah heat Keeper. Heat Management Device, Metal Charcoal Holder for Shisha Chicha Narguile

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