Shisha Tobacco Brands – List of shisha tobacco brands and shisha flavors from around the worlds

Below is a list of shisha flavours from around the world

Adalya Shisha Tobacco, Turkey
Adalya Tobacco is a company based in Turkey with worldwide exports of shisha tobacco. Their main line has over 160 different flavors. Adalya tobacco also produces the Adalya Black (black tobacco) flavors and the Aqua Mentha flavors.

Al Fakher Hookah Tobacco, United Arab Emirates
Al Fakher hookah flavours are produced in the United Arab Emirates and export worldwide. Al Fakher is one of the first companies to introduce shisha flavors back in 1999. They have over 60 standard flavors plus three more product lines, the golden range, the special edition range and the non-tobacco range.

Afzal Shisha Tobacco, India
Afzal shisha flavour is produced in India and it has exported mainly in the UK and USA

Alchemist Blend, USA
Alchemist Blend is a unique hookah tobacco made in California since 2015. The hookah tobacco is aged in bourbon barrels for 60 days before packing.

Al-Waha Tobacco, Jordan
Al-Waha has been producing shisha molasses since 1993. Al-Waha has now more than 160 flavours.

Fumari Shisha Tobacco, USA or Jordan

Nakhla Tobacco, Egypt

Haze Tobacco, USA
Produced in Texas, US and lately with a factory in Spain. One of the best hookah tobacco brands with some of the best flavour mixes (check out Magesting Brew).

Zomo Tobacco, Brazil
Zomo is the most popular shisha tobacco in Brazil. Started in 2015 is now exporting to the Americas and Europe.

Tangiers Tobacco, USA
Tangiers in the most famous shisha tobacco in US.

Strabuzz Tobacco, USA
Starbuzz is the all american shisha tobacco company. Starbuzz Vintage is the dark leaf shisha tobacco line from Starbuzz. Starbuzz Serpent line

Social Smoke Shisha, USA
Social smoke started as hookah retailer in 2003. Nowdays the company is active only in wholesale shisha tobacco. Social Smoke produces over 65 flavours and it very popular in the US.

Mazaya, Jordan

Kahbana Shisha
Hookah tobacco made from banana Leaves.

Argelini Tobacco, United Arab Emirates
A new shisha tobacco producers from the United Arab Emirates

Djinni Shisha Tobacco, Germany
Djinni has recenly release their own shisha tobacco. Price in Germany for 8-9 Euro/100gr

Hookain Tobacco, Germany
German made hookah tobacco. Cost in Germany 8-9 Euro/100gr

Fantasia Falvour Tobacco, USA
Well know shisha tobacco from the US. Fanstasia has three lines: Fntasia Premium, Fantasia Formula and Fantasia Castros Blend. Castros blend is produced from dark leaf tabacco aged in bourbon barrels. Price in USA: 7-8 USD/100gr

Black Lava Tobacco, USA
Created in 2017, Black Lava is high nicotine hookah tobacco made from dark leaves.

Serbetli hookah tobacco, Turkey

Starry Hookah Tobacco, Jordan

Hookafina Shisha, USA
Dark leaf hookah tobacco

Ugly Hookah Tobacco, USA
Started in 2015. Illinois US

Karizma Hookah Tobacco, Jordan

Malaki Shisha Tobacco, UAE

Zumerret Shisha Tobacco
Agera Tobacco
Al Amir Shisha
Al Fakhamah Tobacco
Eternal Smoke Shisha Tobacco
Chaos Hookah Tobacco
Bionic Herbs Azure Shisha Tobacco
Pure Shisha Tobacco
Cloud 9 Shisha
Lavoo Hookah Tobacco
Nirvana Super Shisha
Hooked On Hookah
Karma Hookah Tobacco
Xtra Hookah Tobacco
Nu Tobacco
Hydro Herbal Molasses
Heaven Leaf Teabacco Shisha
Urth Fruit Molasses
True Cloudz
Tick Tock Tobacco
Shisha Royal
Sawa Tobacco Free

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