Complete Set: Hookah + Ice Mouthpiece + Science Bowl + Charcoal Bowl + Box Case (Silver)


Quality shisha set with a unique ice-mouthpiece and innovative shisha bowl. Reusable ice-packs are hidden inside the mouthpiece for cool and refreshing shisha smoke. The glass vase has a wide neck opening for easy washing. Custom marking is possible upon request. The shisha bowl and charcoal holder are designed for uniform tobacco heating. All metal parts are made from high-grade anodized aluminium and to last heavy use.

Main Features
Wide-neck vase for easy washing.
Ice mouthpiece for cool shisha smoke.
Anti-stick shisha bowl.
Heat Management Device (charcoal bowl)
Removable diffuser.
Solid aluminium parts (Grade 6063).
Teak wooden handle
Unique box case

Product Includes
1x Shisha Pipe including vase and ashtray
1x Shisha Mouthpiece
1x Silicone Hose
3x Ice-packs
1x Charcoal Bowl
1x Science Bowl
1x Wooden storage box

Out of stock

Shisha Height: 46 cm
Stem inside diameter: 1.7 cm
Mouthpiece: Length = 41.5 cm, Diameter 3.2 cm
Ice-packs: Length = 20 cm, diameter 2.3 cm
Box Case: L x W x H = 20×24.5×30 cm. Weight 3.1 kg
Shipping Weight: 4 kg

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Weight 4 kg



Shisha Science


Shisha Science

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