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Hookah & Ice Mouthpiece (Copper, Wood Edition)

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Luxury hookah with a unique ice mouthpiece. The mouthpiece comes with reusable ice-packs for cooling down the smoke and giving a refreshing shisha experience. The glass vase has a wide opening for easy washing. Metal parts are made from high-grade aluminium and anodized to last heavy use. Each shisha is marked with a unique Serial Number. Custom engraving is possible upon request.

Main Features
Easy to wash / Large vase neck.
Ice mouthpiece for cold smoke.
Removable diffuser
Anodised aluminium parts (Grade 6063).
Teak wooden handle
Fits in Shisha Science storage box.

Product Includes
1x Shisha Pipe including vase and ashtray
1x Shisha Mouthpiece
1x Silicone Hose
3x Ice-packs

Out of stock

Shisha Height: 46 cm
Stem inside diameter: 1.7 cm
Mouthpiece: Length = 41.5 cm, Diameter 3.2 cm
Ice-packs: Length = 20 cm, diameter 2.3 cm
Carton Package: L x W x H = 23 x 26 x 32 cm. Weight 3.1 kg

Weight 3.5 kg

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