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Ice Mouthpiece – Standard Edition – Silver

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Top-quality ice shisha mouthpiece with a slim ice pack hidden in the inside. The result is the refreshing feeling of ice-cold shisha.

Main Features
Cold smoke for 20 minutes per ice-pack
Reusable ice packs
Rigid aluminium body
Can be used with any hookah

Product Includes
1x Ice Mouthpiece (Standard Edition)
3x Shisha ice packs

Ice Mouthpiece: Length = 32 cm, diameter 3.2 cm
Ice-packs: Length = 20 cm, diameter 2.3 cm
Packing: L x H x W = 33.5 x 6.3 x 6.3 cm, weight 450 gr

For extra ice packs available here: Shisha Ice Packs for Ice Mouthpiece (5pcs)

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Shisha Science


Shisha Science

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