Ice Mouthpiece – Ξύλο/Ασημί


A luxurious shisha mouthpiece with ice packs hidden in the inside. The result is the refreshing feeling of ice-cold shisha.

The Ice Mouthpiece is made of aluminum and solid teak wood. It is larger than most mouthpieces (length 41.5 cm) in order to accommodate larger ice-packs for extended cooling action. Most parts are handmade and the production quantity is limited at the moment. Before packing and shipping, each item is thoroughly checked and marked with a unique Serial Number.

Main Features
Cold smoke for 30 minutes per ice-pack
Reusable ice-packs
Luxury design with wooden handle
Rigid aluminium body
Can be used with any hookah

Product Includes
1x Ice Mouthpiece
3x Ice-packs
1x wooden storage box
1x FREE silicone hose & connector

Ice Mouthpiece: Length = 41.5 cm, diameter 3.2 cm
Ice-packs: Length = 20 cm, diameter 2.3 cm
Packing: L x W x H = 44 x 9 x 5 cm, weight 650 gr

Weight 1.25 kg



Shisha Science


Shisha Science

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