9. Glinder Bowl

In 2013, Elite Hookah introduced the Glider Bowl to fruition. It is a product that attempts to solve the messy task of packing a hookah bowl.

1. Pros and Cons

+ Better heating of the shisha. Because to the spike at the middle the foil and the charcoal are get in distance from the shisha tobacco. No direct contact, thus it is more difficult to overhead and burn the tobacco

+ Maintains shisha juice for longer time. The juices do not drain easily as with bowls that have holes at the bottom

+ Better taste

+ Cheap bowl. Widely available at low cost

– Ashes pass trough the foil and get into the shisha

– Still possible burn the tobacco if it is overheated

3. Brands – Sellers – Cost

3.1. Original Glinder Bowl

5. Best YouTube videos for Glinder Bowls

Very similar bowl invented & licensed by Mohammad Javad Shakouri Moghadam


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